Friday, January 12, 2007

Explosion in U.S. Embassy Compound--Updated With Links--Updated Again

[Posted by reader_iam]

In Athens, according to crawl on cable news, attributed to Greek police. So far, no links that I can find, so FYI only and unsubstantiated.

Update: Finally! Cable news is showing signs of waking up, amidst their re-runs of primetime programming, on which they've been putting more emphasis the past few years and into which they've put their money and staff (along with daytime programs, and "line-up," generally, as opposed to resourcing breaking-news staffs, from reporters to anchors to over-nights). It's what they used to be so great at doing, the reason they were an advance in media and valuable. No more, generally speaking. We'll see ... .

Why cable news has chosen to adopt more of print model (we close at XX time in the evening, period, end of story), from a news standpoint, is beyond me. 'Cause if I have to wait until morning, why bother [addition for clarity] with TeeVee news at all? Because I prefer newspapers under that next-day model; they do it ever so much better, as such, and offer value-added that TV news cannot. Cable's promise (in both senses, and for a long time, when it actually pursued and even fulfilled, quite often, that goal) was to ably and passionately pursue news as it broke, any time and at least roughly anywhere--and to be prepared to air things in real time. No more. [end addition for clarity]

Update II: Cable news continues to disappoint.

But here are some links (there are many, now, but mostly exactly no more nor less than the AP version, as presented via Newsday in the first link; I include the other two because there are additional snippets of info contained therein, though, again, I note that because this is "breaking news," it's best not to consider anything "substantiated," per se, just yet:

The Age (Australia)
Malaysia Star

Update III: Reuters Canada is reporting that "[a]ttackers fired a rocket at the U.S. embassy in Athens on Friday but no one was hurt."

Update IV: An act of terrorism, MSNBC says, via its website, but--God forbid--not its cable or broadcast franchises, so far as I have been able to tell over the last three hours.

Via memeorandum, which has all sorts of links now, but it sure didn't earlier, when I first posted, or when I did the first couple of updates. Not that anyone could tell, anywhere, anyplace, anyhow, that I'd bothered. Hell, DWM isn't even linked via memeorandom, even now, to the Reuters article displayed, though I believe I linked to it before memeorandum did or the one blogger to which that entry is linking right now (of course that will change by morning).

Why bother, really. Why bother.