Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy (Creeped Out) New Year

Posted by reader_iam]

Oh, boy, I'm way weirded out. Those who've been here since last evening will note that I have taken down my post from last evening in which I was rooting for the Broncos to lose so that the Chiefs would end up with an (unexpected) place in the playoffs. The title of that 7-ish Central Time post turned out to be, shall we say, extremely unfortunate given the tragic death of Darrent Williams and the injury of three others riding in the vehicle.

I'm sorry I didn't take that post down being the morning after the annual houseparty the night before, and we are all still hanging out. I start the year by following up on my resolution not to get up and immediately surf the news, and look what happens!

I realize coincidence is not correlation is not causation, but still. Too freaky, and even upsetting.

(Also, I'm sorry to those to whom this post will make no sense, but I'm not going to repeat the troublesome title here.)