Thursday, January 25, 2007

Think Twice, Post Once

[posted by Callimachus]

If you're peeved by the legal shenanigans in the Duke (non)-rape case, because "three college boys are (possibly) falsely accused of sexual assault," that could well be because you're a "garden-variety racis[t]".

Because I know you were wondering about that.

So if you're peeved about the improper detention of (possibly) non-terrorists in Camp X-Ray, that could make you ....

Why not just send your resume to Ann Coulter? If you're already constructing her arguments for free, that is.

There's an other half to the poster's "you might be a racist if ..." equation. Which is, in addition to being aroused by potential prosecutorial malfeasance in North Carolina, you also think "It's okay to falsely accuse an entire country, try it and convict it." I confess I don't recognize what that refers to. Perhaps because I don't live in that particular bubble where the overthrow of Saddam was always and only ever about the WMD and it's OK that our intelligence on that topic was wrong. Who does live there? [And here the cassandra chorus shrieks: "Shrubbie McChimplerburton the Death Merchant!"]

Allow it, then, for the sake of the argument, then reverse it: If you were assertively opposed to the overthrow of Saddam in 2003, even though you, like everyone else (including possibly Saddam), weren't sure at the time whether he had WMD in defiance of the 1991 terms or not, yet you are more irked by the people who are all worked up over potential prosecutorial malfeasance at Duke than you are by the miscarriage of justice itself, doesn't that make you just a garden-variety enabler of totalitarianism?

Straw men who live in rhetorical bubbles shouldn't throw stones.

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