Sunday, February 18, 2007

Speculation Loves Company

[Posted by reader_iam]

Which is why I'm linking to this post at Blog P.I. regarding Elizabeth Edwards, about whose role I've pondered in a couple of posts here and there, as an aside. (Not that I think she will or should resign from the Edwards campaign, an implausible event in any case.)

If anything, I think Elizabeth Edwards' background and experience in, and enthusiasm for, not just the blogosphere but the internet generally is understated in this post. When I did a touch of poking around on my own, I came up with a number of links, which I posted in the comments section here, in response to query by a regular reader. The most useful one for me--not in terms of "proving" anything, but rather as insight into Elizabeth and the 'net, in her own words--was to a podcast of her appearance on The Personal Democracy Forum last spring, when she was debuting a website. I also pointed to, I think, five other links, which includes a couple P.I. links to as well. Check out that comments section if you want to see the other links and my brief commentary. (Sorry, but I'm heading out the door for a few hours and, as always, am already running late.)

I don't think the lessons from the recent blogger/Edwards campaign are as clearcut as I've seen them laid out here and there in the blogosphere. And with a year to go before the first caucuses and primaries (however that schedule eventually shakes out) , I think it's way too early to be declaring John Edwards' candidacy dead in the water. I think most people know that--though some, I'm tempted to believe, are saying so anyway, often and loudly in hopes of creating that outcome.

But I do believe that this is a good time to reflect on the dangers of conflating internet and blogging savvy with campaign and grassroots-outreach savvy. One doesn't necessarily lead to the other (in either direction)--shouldn't that be a too-obvious thing to have to point out?--and I don't think the two will or can intersect the same way for each and every candidate.

Eh! There's more...but now I'm REALLY late. Maybe I should take up hands-free dictablogging--has anyone invented that yet? You know, you talk as you drive and what you say magically gets posted on the 'net. Then again, that could be REALLY dangerous, can you imagine?