Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dolls We Try Out, See If They Cry Out

[Posted by reader_iam]

Quick on the heels of (and unrelated to) a significant family death, I ended up flat-on-my back sick for more than a week and have just started coming back in the past day or two, feeling much better, relatively speaking and so far, though I have a number of tests in my future. Amazing how quickly the blogosphere can slide down several and multiple levels in importance and priority. (More amazing: how much that is turning out to suit me.)

Anyway, trying to catch up and wandering, mostly detached, around and about our fair 'sphere, specifically the partisan political parts of both flavors (my, they seem so similar if you've been away awhile!), here's the ditty that sprang unbidden to mind and kept looping relentlessly until I dug into our musical collection and staged an exorcism played it, out of season and purely in self-defense (sorry, no YouTube that I could find):
Ho ho ho.
Ho ho ho.
We are Santa's elves.

We are Santa's elves,
Filling Santa's shelves With a toy
For each girl and boy.

Oh, we are Santa's elves.
We work hard all day,
But our work is play.
Dolls we try out,
See if they cry out.

We are Santa's elves.
We've a special job each year.
We don't like to brag.
Christmas Eve we always
Fill Santa's bag.

Santa knows who's good.
Do the things you should.
And we bet you,
He won't forget you.

We are Santa's elves.
Ho ho ho. Ho ho ho.
We are Santa's elves.
Ho Ho!