Friday, March 30, 2007

Hell on Earth

[posted by Callimachus]

All week long the image of Palestinian babies drowning in a foaming flood of human waste has been galling at me. Nobody should die like that. Nobody should live like that. War is hell. Merciful wars are short ones. Leaders who deliberately prolong a warfor generations, so that people are born, grow up, and die in it, build Hell on earth. While the Palestinian kleptocracy builds mansions for itself outside Jerusalem, in Gaza, babies drown in rivers of shit.

Pastor Jeff speaks for me on this one:

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians live in unrelenting misery and squalor, kept there by their "leaders" as useful symbols of Israeli injustice and oppression. Their lives are defined by poverty, corruption, hateful propaganda, and violence. And when the Palestinians have an opportunity to actually improve living conditions for their own people, they take pipes sold to them by the Israelis for a sewage system and make rockets to kill more Jews.

As a result of Palestinians firing those rockets at Israel, there's no metal to for sewage pipes, and even if there were, the fighting makes it impossible to build one. So the human waste piles up in gigantic collection pits. The poor Palestinians, driven by their need, undermine the foundations of the cesspits to sell material to construction companies and then literally drown in their own waste.

Is there any more perfect picture of the situation in the Middle East?