Tuesday, April 17, 2007


[posted by Callimachus]

Here's some of what they said about it over at Huffington while the bodies still lay in piles behind the splintered classroom doors

Ah, must be a member of our well-regulated militia.


Thank God for the 2nd Amendment and its gun-nut enablers.
Christ's sake - I'm moving to Baghdad with John McNutbag.


Where "peace" is a dirty word.
Surprise, surprise.


Having lived and worked and travelled abroad, I can tell you without equivocation that North America is the most miserable place on earth.

We have lots of material things but, that's it. There is no community fibre for people to rely on and families are being shattered from the outside stresses of working long hours, debt and divorce. The societal woes are long and make life empty and difficult for the vast majority of people living in North America.


In a society that has glorifies violence, what does one expect.

Bush will undoubtedly tie it in to 9/11 and he'll use it to further the rights of the NRA.

Remember, when Americans expect him to do something right, he goes in the opposite direction.


Talk about terror.

Why is it that we're fighting them over there so they don't follow us here? So that we don't suffer mass murder?

Guess what. When people feel oppressed, be it the factual oppression of masses around the world by those who would usurp and exploit the power of others for some sad perceived profit (a profit that can never yield the happiness for which those who so exploit their fellows exact their exploitations... that abuse being the product of a misdirected pursuit of 'The Good',) or be it the lonely oppression felt only in the mind of a disturbed individual, they act out.

They act out in a desperate attempt to alleviate that sense of oppression.


Another sick fuck living his demented fantasy, a walking, talking, real-life terminator right off the silver screen. Double fisted handguns like Bruce Willis in "Die Hard".

What a country. We glorify mass shootings, then we make it easy for disgruntled misfits to get their hands on any weapon of choice. But the fuckers always prove too cowardly to actually face off with the real deal, the armed and trained cops. Instead when the chips are down and they have a chance to prove their manhood they take the cowardly way out by putting the gun under their chin and pulling the trigger.

Some fucking country.

And so it goes. Another chapter for the book.

Of course, it's the America-phobic blog commenters over here. Over there, it's the mainstream media, for instance, Il Messaggero, the most popular daily newspaper in Rome and central Italy:

The bloodbath on the university campus is the work of a suicide killer -- an American suicide killer who, differently from Muslim killers, did not act out of religious motives but was driven instead by the unrest affecting broad layers of US society. America is a nation that has for some years been in danger of becoming more and more unloved in the world, especially in the poorest countries. During the period following World War II, America was seen as the guardian of democracy and was equated with the defense of liberty; today, America is a superpower that begins wars and lives with the constant necessity of having to defend itself against the enemy -- whether this enemy be called Islam or whether it bears the face of the neighbor who has done you wrong.