Wednesday, May 02, 2007

You People

[posted by Callimachus]

You come charging in here, out of your cozy homes and simplistic worlds, all on fire to spread freedom, and you expect to change us overnight into some clones of you. You want to sweep away our long culture and traditions and impose your values on us by force and threat. As though that ever can be done. As though that were a legitimate way to treat other people. Sure, things here have been a mess for a long time -- and frankly, your leaders can share in the blame for that. But who are you to force us to change to suit you? Simply because you need to do this, right now, on your timetable, to suit your political ends. Or out of some quixotic idealistic need to prove something to yourselves. Go tend to your own back yards -- which are plenty rotten. You have enough to do in putting your own house in order. Get out of our place.

So saith the Alabama segregationist to the New York Freedom Rider.