Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just Misunderstood

[posted by Callimachus]

No, no, no, the Hollywood left doesn't say Bush is as bad as Hitler. Don't you dare accuse them of that. They say he's worse.

You could argue that even the world's worst fascist dictators at least meant well. They honestly thought were doing good things for their countries by suppressing blacks/eliminating Jews/eradicating free enterprise/repressing individual thought/killing off rivals/invading neighbors, etc. Only the Saudi royal family is driven by the same motives as Bush, but they were already entrenched. Bush set a new precedent. He came into office with the attitude of "I'm so tired of the public good. What about my good? What about my rich friends' good?"

How can anyone not see it? It's not that their policies have been misguided or haven't played out right. They. Don't. Even. Mean. Well.

Of course it doesn't help Bush's case when someone attempts a push-back against this nonsense and of the two examples that come to mind, one is the "stated dream of a manned mission to Mars." Hell, Hitler could have dreamed that, too.

This all reminds me of the sort of thing that was said, and believed, about Reagan back in my youth. And, I have read, about FDR in his day.

Somehow it's so easy to lose sight of the fact that we all broadly agree on the challenges that face us as a nation, and the goals we have of peace and security and protections of freedom and rights here and around the world. We disagree sharply on the tactics or the best paths to get there.