Tuesday, July 10, 2007

World's Most Predictable Reaction to Iran

[posted by Callimachus]

Iran gets tough with imprisoned granny, and what's the reaction to the story over at Balloon Juice? If you said "bash Bush," you win again.

Because we're exactly the same as them!

[W]e don’t know that most tortured Muslims [in Gitmo, etc.] intend to attack America any better than Iran knows that these Americans planned to overthrow their government. Yet this cartoonishly awful Iran that I just imagined reflects exactly how America treats foreign detainees every day. The lengths to which Iran would have to go before America could complain without obvious hypocrisy are beyond disturbing.

Gah, to think I used to read that site. It used to be a worthwhile two-headed monster, with a pro- and anti- voice, then the pro- got converted (and was made to run the usual gauntlet of humiliation and has been kept in shivering isolation ever since, forced to watch "Fahrenheit 911" in a continuous loop).

OK, let's glance at what it was necessary to overlook to turn this Tehran dateline story into a "shame on you, Evil Amerikka" post:

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry accuses Esfandiari and her organization of trying to create a "soft revolution" in Iran to topple the hard-line Islamic regime, similar to the bloodless revolutions that ended communist rule in eastern Europe.

Because a "soft," bloodless transition from theological medievalism (Iran just this week proudly announced the execution by stoning of an adulterer, and promised the same fate to homosexuals) to liberal democracy is "exactly" the same as slicing the throats of airline stewardesses and slamming loaded passenger planes into office buildings.

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