Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seven-Year Hitch

What do you think?

Gabriele Pauli, who is running for the leadership of Bavaria's conservative Christian Social Union party, suggested this week that marriages should last just seven years.

During the launch of her campaign manifesto in Munich on Wednesday, the twice-divorced Pauli proposed the seven-year limit, with couples being given the option of renewing their commitment to each other or allowing their union to dissolve automatically.

"The basic approach is wrong," Pauli told reporters. "Many marriages last just because people believe they are safe.

"My suggestion is that marriages expire after seven years."

Discuss, if it can be done without breach of the peace in your home. Being a non-religious person, I find a renewable license with a seven-year expiration makes sense as a general idea (there would need to be caveats and quid-pro-quos), as it only acknowledges what seems to be a biological reality.

And I absolutely would renew mine.