Monday, October 29, 2007

Death Penalty

A frank -- almost blunt -- invitation to talk about the death penalty here:

Could we ask the non-PC question, What do we do with persons who are no longer persons? Once as babies, or as young children appreciably peaceful, but somehow, somewhere along the line, the brain unraveled and deteriorated into a malicious ganglia of kill synapses that looks like, talks like an actual person. But isn’t. And more so, is not in any way fit to live amongst human beings without doing them harm.

We kill animals who have rabies because we don’t know how to heal them. And we execute people who have murdered once, or serially.

I don't object to it. Society ought to have the ability to express its complete rejection of certain extremely defective mentalities and destructive behaviors. But the number of death-row inmates whose convictions have been clouded by new evidence, especially DNA, ought to give anyone reason to reflect whether we're capable of proving who the real rabid animals are.