Friday, November 09, 2007

LOL and Ouch

More unkind words for our friends from the heart of the boomer demographic:

[Heather] Mills and [Paul] McCartney are both children of the hippy era, which I think explains her behaviour. The hippies were utopian, deluded, egomaniacs - and fundamentally very stupid. Think Neil from The Young Ones. They had this infantile delusion, which still permeates our society, that when bad things happen it is a sign that the order of the world is somehow disharmonious, and that as a remedy - in that most hideous Blairite mantra - ‘something must be done’. Mills thinks that carrying out 20 years of charity can change the world, or that it puts her in charge of nine countries. All you need is love.

Thing is, that is the attitude of the neo-cons as well, or at least the part of them represented by me. More neo than con. No wonder real conservatives loathe it. And why the most virulent neo-con haters always strike me as deeply conservative souls, however brashly they wear the "liberal" label. And the first 10 albums I bought were Beatles albums, even though I was a decade too late to be in that bandwagon.

Personally, I think Paul should hook up with Yoko at this point.