Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I've written before about being baffled and belligerent about the tendency to blur the lines of gender.

Not sexuality; anyone who studies human history for longer than the last 120 years or so comes to realize that the division of people into "gay" and "straight" is not so rigid as we've chosen to make it.

But gender is biology. Except in cases of extreme deformity or mutilation, it is one thing or another, in a way that sexuality or race never can be.

Yet some people persist in trying to use laws to change biologies. I'm perplexed. So is Eric at Classical Values, who attempts to get behind a conservative scare campaign and finds much, in fact, to be disturbed about:

This leads to another, much more disturbing question. If I can be whatever gender I want without regard to my present anatomy, the anatomy of my birth, or my biological sex, then why do these biological limitations apply only to sex?

What about race? Is that determined biologically, or by birth? Or can that be a state of mind too?


I'd written about it from the view of language precision and common sense. The ripple effect in a culture increasingly defined by pigeonholes is one I hadn't taken up, but he has.

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