Monday, January 28, 2008

Miss Education

I have tried to warm up to Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, and failed. And along the way, paying attention to her look and her tone, I realized that, while she might not reject my vote, she really has no interest in me. In fact, she probably wouldn't like me at all. I'm one of those dreadful pink men who ruin the world every day. As a non-progressive male, as a non-feminist male, as an American guy who likes being male and who has done most of the guy things in life. As a male who prefers Stendhal to Toni Morrison and women's prison movies to Al Gore movies. The more she'd know me, the less she'd like me.

And when I realize that, I realize almost at once that a great many Americans, including many women and racial and sexual minorities, have always only had choices of candidates about whom they felt that way. That the person running the country viscerally and personally disliked them, once you peeled off the political veneer.

Very well; call it an education then. It doesn't incline me any more to vote for her.