Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bunny Who Hated Denmark

One more reason Palestine will spend another generation in its gutter.

Amani [calling in]: "Finally, I'd like to apologize to the Messenger of Allah. May Allah curse these infidels, who have gone astray. We the soldiers of the pioneers of tomorrow, apologize to you, beloved Messenger of Allah. Denmark has spoken heresy, but you are a source of pride and mercy for Islam and the Muslims."

Assud [guy in bunny suit]: "The [American] cowboys have spoken heresy as well."


Amani: "Our brothers, the Americans, have affronted the Prophet Muhammad..."

Assud: "They are not our brothers, they are criminals."

Amani: "What?"

Assud: "They are infidels, not our brothers."

Amani: "They are enemies of Allah, and they have affronted the Prophet Muhammad."


Saraa [program host]: "How did these Danes have the audacity to affront the Messenger of Allah? Do you have an answer to that, Assud?"

Assud: "No, I don't. Maybe because the Arabs and Muslims keep silent, [the Danes] humiliated them and did these things to them."

"Allah Willing, the Soldiers of 'The Pioneers of Tomorrow' Will Redeem the Prophet Muhammad with All That They Possess - Even with Their Blood"..."We Will Kill Them"

Like a "Benny Hill" skit written by Stalin. These kids deserve better from the leaders their parents elected.