Friday, February 29, 2008

Council Winners

Watchers Council winners have been posted for the week of February 29.

First place in the council went to In A PC Nation, How Will The GOP Run? by Cheat Seeking Missiles.

Votes also went to Find the Adjectives, a worthwhile analysis of the writing in a news story, by Soccer Dad; Obama (with links) & McCain's Petard by Wolf Howling; and Unforced Errors by The Glittering Eye, a provocative look at America's recent history in the Balkans. "Provocative" because it effectively challenged some of my fuzzy attitudes toward that region and our relationship to it.

Outside the council, the winner was To Die in Jerusalem, Part II by My Shrapnel.

Votes also went to The Fierce Urgency of Lies at American Thinker; Guns in the Desert by Michael J. Totten; Bobby Kennedy and Why Obama Unnerves Me at Roger L. Simon's place; and Validating AGW Skepticism at The QandO Blog.