Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I (heart) Lunatics

I received this e-mail today. I am passing it along, unedited, as a public service:

Dear Madam and/or Sir,

Please, watch out for FBI director Robert Mueller and his executive assistant director Arthur Cummings in its war on terror and foreign espionage. They run FBI national security branch at pre-school level. While I was drafting the information on its terrors related to the recent hearings of Senate Intelligence Committee, their subordinates especially in its counterintelligence sent in FBI informants with 6 kids at the age of 3-5 years old to Starbucks coffee shops. The mothers let the kids make unusual noise and run all over the place between tables on which other customers worked on their laptops.

Understandably, the kids tipped over the electric cords, pulled them out of outlets and caused that few notebooks would have dropped on the floor. Any parent with a little common sense does not want to be liable for what his/her kid could have damaged in the public place. But, under the Mueller-Cummings standard anything goes what children in FBI counterintelligence do with impunity. This is quite a progress in FBI war on terror and foreign espionage during the brief tenure of Attorney General Michael B. MUKASEY who is considered to be “the authority on national security”.

The national security is and should be of the concern to everybody, but apparently the Mueller FBI, especially the Cummings National Security Branch mocks at what it is responsible for and what everybody else cares for. This is the reality. I thank you for your time in advance.