Thursday, April 17, 2008

Council Winners

Council winners for the week of April 11 have been posted.

The winner was "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" ... Accommodating Islam by Joshuapundit. I suppose he could have written it as well around the Arab parable about letting the camel get his nose in your tent.

Votes also went to The Wizard of Ooze, a catalogue of anti-Obama points at Bookworm Room; Assumptions & Conclusions About Sadr, Maliki and the Basra Offensive at Wolf Howling; and The Judgment Thing at The Glittering Eye, which looks at some of the back-spin by some people who seem to forget they ever made bad decisions -- and not the usual people who get blamed for that.

Outside the council, the winner was Creating a European Indigenous People's Movement by The Brussels Journal. A fascinating and subversive idea, but I think it overlooks the fact that language in cases like these has been severely distorted in the interest of social policy and multiculturalism. Just as "minorities" in the U.S. often is used in some circles in a way that includes some ethnic minorities, but excludes, say, Jews. And it probably still will be used in that sense when, at some point in the future, Americans of Caucasian ancestry become a statistical minority.

Votes also went to Your federal Government At Work ... For Palestinians by Boker tov, Boulder!; and Put On Your Helmets, We're Talking About Abortion by Rachel Lucas.

In addition, votes went to Is Wright Wrong? Part 2 by Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels, one of the most thoughtful and heartfelt musings I've seen on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the America he lives in, and the nature of patriotism and faith in our time.