Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What the Obama-Hillary fight has done to the left half of the political blog world is like a geology class filmstrip on continental drift: You know, the 50-million-year breakup and dispersal of Gondwanaland animated and shown in 15 seconds.

For watching it from a safe distance (and for other reasons), I recommend Talk Left, which generally is pro-Hillary but without throwing decency and objectivity onto the altar pyre.

Here, for instance. But in these cases, you have to read the comments, too. Often (not on DWM, of course) blog comments are irrelevant hijacks. On TL they tend to come across as frank and personal, and I almost feel guilty for eavesdropping.

You'll read a lot of comments like this:

When it started at my favorite blog, I was furious. I wondered what had happened to the people whose intelligence and opinions I had long respected.

And it's fascinating to someone (like me) who stands well outside the Democratic Party streams to watch people within it suddenly discover the warts and rotten teeth of their one-time idols (and describe them more sharply and succinctly than many critics from the right have managed in years of trying). But at the same time they seem to long for the day when this internecine war is over and they can go back to respecting said intelligence and opinions. Why I don't know.