Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What They Think of Us

MaxedOutMama reports on an enthusiastic discussion in a Spanish newspaper's reader opinion section about the scale and scope of human hunting in America. That is, humans hunting humans. What, you didn't know this was going on in your backyard? Stupid Yankee. The Spanish know:

I've been told that in some US state, North Caroline, Virginia and Mississipi there are manhunts, they set a prisoner free and he is hunted like a rabbit, the victims are marginalized populations, generally blacks or hispanics, and they are hunted as if they were deer, with dogs and large caliber ammo, millions of dollars are involved in these hunts, human life is worth nothing in that country.


The hunting of men is real, as Fontana says. There are illegal bets (or perhaps "illegals are targeted"?), it is done in several states, and has been denounced by the "Baltimore Today" and the "Philadelphia Chronicle".

As far as I know, there has been no "Philadelphia Chronicle" since the 18th century. But then what do I know? I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so I'm just a stupid Yankee. If the Spaniards say there is one, there is one.

For my ignorance, and for their outrage, I, of course, blame Bush.