Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who Cheesed My Move?

It's getting to them. A throw-away line in a TV reporter's blog illustrates how the people who are the soul of big media are collectively having a mid-life crisis of "American Beauty" proportions:

And as much as citizens who are suspect of the media might scoff at such a notion, many of us consider ourselves to be your representatives to help make sure our leaders are telling us the truth, and leading the country down a path we're confident is the right one. (Corny, I know.)

A long way from "print the news and raise hell," isn't it?

Hat tip dnA, whose take on the broader issue this quote is plucked from is worth reading.

P.S.: I'm letting "who are suspect of" pass with but a cringe. He's a TV reporter after all. You don't expect the pretty boy to actually write, do you?