Sunday, June 15, 2008


For a Christian economist. Devise a system of economics that guarantees fairness in a land where, to many, pennies are precious, and, to a few, millions are chaff. For a culture of unrestrained freedom, as ours must be, surely will arrive at this. Where one's very time in life -- the precious hours between the sleep and the sleep -- can be bought and sold.

For a global warming zealot. Study the state of the world and of scientific knowledge in 1908. Forget everything discovered or revealed since then. Decide what a person in 1908 would see as the great pressing crises facing the human race, and devise a policy, using existing technologies, to combat or address them.

[Here's a hint, from 1899:

A Chicago Daily Tribune story featured scientists speculating about a future in which people's hands and feet will get smaller because of labor-saving machines, a time when "the hat will vanish and the hair will improve" and when everyone will live around the equator because of global cooling.

"Man will develop more in the 20th century than he has in the last 1,000 years,"' one scientist said.]