Sunday, July 20, 2008

Council Winners

OK, vacation is over. Time to return to my various responsibilities.

Including catching up on Watchers Council winners.

The winners from July 17 in the council was Critiquing The Obama Manifesto On Iraq by Wolf Howling.

Votes also went to It's official: Obama doesn't flip-flop, he just does nuanced "rephrases" by Bookworm Room, and Will Israel Attack Iran? by JoshuaPundit.

Outside the council, the winner was Sleepwalking Into Islamization by Melanie Phillips. Votes also went to Let Me Put It In Pictures For Our Progressive Friends by Doug Ross & Journal; and A Good Man by Harris County Criminal Justice System.

The winner in the council for the week of July 11 was American Whining and the Culture of Dependency by The Razor.

Votes also went to Identifying Obama's Real Position on the Second Amendment by Wolf Howling; You May Now Assume the Risk by Soccer Dad; and Narcissism In Another Color by Joshuapundit.

Outside the council, the winner was Is Gun Control Behind Our Loss of Civil Liberties? by Bishop Hill. Votes also went to Former CIA Agent in Iran Comes In from the Heat at Pajamas Media; and There Oughta Have Been a Law! by Classical Values.

The winners from the week of July 4 were:

In the council, Patriotism by Hillbilly White Trash. Votes also went to The Supreme Court: Originalism, Activism, and America's Future by Wolf Howling; and Obama's 8 Years As State Legislator Makes Him Better Qualified by The Colossus of Rhodey.

The non-council winner was Sacramento Host Breakfast by 365 and a Wakeup. Votes also went to Honestly, Is John Aravosis a Piece of Excrement Or What? by Right Wing Nut House; Reverberations of Al-Dura by ShrinkWrapped; and "THE TALK" -- On Patriotism by Thought You'd Never Ask.