Friday, July 25, 2008

Council Winners

This week's Council Winners have been posted. Soccer Dad is the host; the longtime admiral has sadly left the helm of the ship, but it sails on.

First place in the council went to Who knew? from right here. My thanks for the votes.

Second place was a tie between
Deconstructing the Socialists War On Law & Order In Britain
at Wolf Howling and The moral of the story at Bookworm Room, which I recommend to fellow lovers of literature.

Votes also went to Horribly Wrong Part II by Soccer Dad, and Speak truth to power - just not to educators at The Razor.

Outside the council, the winner was Soldiers Recount Deadly Attack On Afghan Outpost at Stars and Stripes, a solid piece of writing, but I didn't vote for it because it wasn't a blog post.

Votes also went to When it’s Obama’s War by council alumnus Right Wing Nuthouse; “Obama Overflies Iraqi Mass Graves”, a take-off on alternate history by Confederate Yankee; Spot the Smiley Fascism by Colonel Robert Neville; The War is Over. We Won by the unstoppable Michael Yon; and Are We There Yet? Victory in Iraq and the 2008 Election by Baseball Crank. Interesting piece, but I'm surprised a sports fan would risk incurring the jinx by using "victory" in reference to a game still in progress.