Monday, December 19, 2005

Bloom's Day

Unlike my literary pal Neo-Neocon, I read and enjoyed Howard Bloom's "The Western Canon." Though I don't find it to be a book I've ever gone back to, to pluck some insight or refresh some audacious, thrilling passage in my mind. Not like the literary criticism of Camille Paglia or Guy Davenport or Hugh Kenner or Ezra Pound.

But Neo-Neocon notes a new essay by Bloom on George W. Bush and the American people who deserve him, and it seems Professor Bloom has moved into the whole Michael Moore-Paul Krugman mental house of horrors, complete with stolen elections, blood for oil, corporate tyranny. Bloom's even picked up the Michael Moore trick of plucking lines from one of Bush's many self-mocking speeches and treating them as literal confessions from the president. At least Moore did it deliberately -- he lied to score points. If she's right, Bloom did it in pure ignorance. The uber-critic completely failed to correctly read the text.

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