Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where's Ted?

I was curious to see what Ted Rall, the virulent anti-military, anti-all-of-America-except-what-agrees-with-the-'progressive'-fringe cartoonist had to say about the furious Islamist reaction against what seem to me to be fairly mild caricatures of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. After all, Rall is no stranger to controversy, and one of the measures of character and intellectual honesty in an activist is whether he can recognize the same persecutions he claims to suffer when they are suffered by people he dislikes, and still stand up against them.

Otherwise he's just a hack.

So I went to Rall's personal blog, which is full of news about himself and how great he is, and to his column (latest issue dated Jan. 31, well after the Denmark controversy), which is about how the media is biased in favor of the Bush Administration in Iraq.

Not a word about Denmark, or the death threats against a man pursuing the same goal as Ted Rall: to draw the truth and raise hell. Not a syllable of support. Not a breath spared from his stream of bile and self-promotion for the sake of artistic solidarity. No awareness at all.