Saturday, July 08, 2006

Come On In: The Water's Fine

Giuliani to take the plunge?

That's a move that will likely be welcomed by many--though not the core base on which Republicans have been pinning their fortunes for quite a while now, and which has tremendous power in terms of locking up the nomination to begin with. Are there enough moderates, centrists and more conservative or disaffected Democrats to keep a Giuliani candidacy afloat? I wonder how the

In any case, Gandelman appears to have been right on with his (yet) last week.

I'm curious: Given a choice between McCain and Giuliani, which would supporters of the Unity08 drive select as best able to carry forth the moderate, centrist cause?

And win?

Update: Letter transpositions in all three instances of Giuliani's name? Sheesh. Pathetic. If it were somebody else's error, I'd have picked up on that. (Editor, heal thyself.)

Onto the double-check list he goes, then, joining judgment, cappuccino, embarrassment, East Gybyp and other finger-stuttering words of mine!