Thursday, July 06, 2006

Unholy Alliances

Missile tests notwithstanding, as previously announced, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is set to visit North Korea later this month to work on a strategic alliance between the two countries.
During Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in late July, the two countries are also expected to craft an oil-for-arms deal.

Venezuela's leader is most likely to fly to Pyongyang at the end of July on the occasion of his planned trip to Russia on July 25. Chavez told reporters that he plans to discuss science and technology cooperation with the North.

Analysts in Seoul say Kim and Chavez would mainly discuss forming a "strategic alliance" against the United States.

No surprise here--Chavez has previously and openly demonstrated his preference for alliances with countries that are, shall we say, not exactly fans of the U.S., including Iran and Cuba, and, he's made clear, in good part for that precise reason.

But not to worry--Chavez means no ill toward the American people. Cindy Sheehan herself vouched for that during a Hardball appearance last night:
" ...He is not anti-American, he has helped the poor people of America. He has sent aid to New Orleans, he has sold heating oil to disadvantaged people in America at low cost, and the people of his country love him.

I'm not exactly clear how potentially aiding and abetting the at-best eccentric Kim Jong-il, or "Dear Leader," helps Americans, poor or otherwise, or poor people generally, American or otherwise, but, hey, what do I know? I've never snuggled with Chavez or been inspired by his calls of "Down with the U.S. Empire. It must be said, in the entire world: Down with the empire."

During that particular confab, Sheehan "thanked Chavez for 'supporting life and peace.' " Thus, it's really no surprise that during last night's Hardball, she confirmed that she'd rather live under Chavez than President Bush. Well, she's entitled to her preference, as we all are, but I'm entitled to to question her sanity if she thinks a) that she's speaking for any significant proportion of Americans and b) that Chavez is a friend of the U.S. or the American people in any way, shape or form.

Surely she understands that if tomorrow every troop was withdrawn from Iraqi soil and President Bush either resigned or disappeared from the face of the earth, Chavez would still be pursuing his machinations and still rooting for the toppling of the U.S. "empire." (Heck, I think it's pretty safe to say he'll be doing that a couple of years hence, when Bush will definitely be gone and even if a Democrat sits in the Oval office.) Doesn't she? If she doesn't, then she's--well, deluded. If she does, then--you know what? Newbusters is right: "[A]t some point you can question a person's patriotism."

As well as the motives of those people who keep pushing this woman forward as a spokesperson for the progressive cause.

Update: You can go here and scroll down for the link to the video of Norah O'Donnell's interview with Sheehan, and here is the link to the transcript.