Tuesday, January 02, 2007

12 Years of Christmas

[posted by Callimachus]

Eighth photo: Dec. 25, 1969.

I don't know where my loot is; this is all my kid brother's stuff. His current wife gets the most enormous kick out of the football helmet and pigskin he got this year, since he's the most un-football man you'll ever meet. Come to think of it, though, the dune buggy and the toy construction equipment are even more out of character, since he's grown up to be a morbid eco-pessimist who laments all land development and recreational driving.

But it's that book that sends an icicle through my heart. "The Red Balloon." As if the movie wasn't bad enough, they made a book, too. Was ever anything more cruel and manipulative foisted on innocent children. The world is cruel. What you love is forlorn. Death is inevitable, loss is permanent. We can make you cry any time we want to. Gods, I hated that movie. I've forgiven France, but I still resent every adult who ever forced me to sit through it.