Friday, July 13, 2007

Frisch Redux

[posted by Callimachus]

Jeff Goldstein breaks some silence on his stalker.

Her goal — as the court understood in weighing the terms of the injunction — has been to get this libel cataloged in search engines. She has noted that she hopes one day my son and those who know him stumble across these things on line. At which point, Auntie Moonbat will smile.

If that's the case, her plot is quite perceptive of the new realities. It's blackmail that can't be unmailed. If you've ever known anyone who was defamed online (and I have) you can watch them futilely scrabble at the tide as it flows by to try to pull the slanders out. The effort can eat up years of life, and they will never succeed.

Like I've said, you don't have to agree with Jeff in his politics -- I generally do, but as it happens I would not have said some of what he said in the above post. This is not about Jeff. This is a vulnerability in all of us that can be exploited. It's a chill that knows no politics.