Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Snark vs. Smart

[posted by Callimachus]

Here's a quick lesson in stupid from our friends on the left.

Start with this little campaign trail out-take:

A question for President Bush on immigration rose up like a ghost from the grave this afternoon in Ohio.

Only the questioner was a 13-year old blonde-headed girl, Jessica Hackerd, from Brecksville, Ohio, who immediately broke into tears after making her inquiry.

"Mr. President, I know immigration has been a big problem in the U.S. And what is your next step with the immigration bill?" Jessica asked Mr. Bush, during a question and answer period after a speech Mr. Bush gave to a Cleveland business group.

Mr. Bush's sarcastic reply -- a wry "yeah, thanks" -- drew laughter from the crowd of 400. But the attention caused young Jessica, who characterized herself in an interview afterward as very shy, to immediately tear up.

Bush quickly tried to set things right, and made a sustained effort, but the damage had been done.

Cut to Michelle Malkin, the kind of political voice that in Stendhal's France would have been called an "ultra." She has a huge Internet following, and has bitterly opposed Bush on the immigration bill.

Remember that the girl, Jessica, asked a general question, without any sort of slant for or against the late bill. The article, read end to end, doesn't give any indication that she has a political agenda -- she is, after all, 13.

She asked the question about immigration, she said, because her father, Richard, has engaged her in conversations about the topic, and that was what popped into her head.

Malkin evidently has read the article. She makes it not an immigration issue, but another revelation about Bush's personality, about the arrogance of making a little self-serving joke and forgetting he's got a young person in front of him quivering in the spotlight:

Do you think there’s anyone in the White House who might possibly realize that it’s precisely this flippant attitude that has turned off so many grass-roots conservatives and eroded the president’s political capital when he needs it the most?

So now you've got the president in a very vulnerable position, Simon-Cowell-in-chief, having put a civic-minded seventh-grader in tears, and having been dressed down for it by one of the most powerful voices that usually bolsters him.

He's caught in a run-down. And what does your snark-loving left-wing blogger do? All he has to do is make the throw to home and complete the play to nail the president he is supposedly trying to defeat.

He takes a big swing and hits -- the young girl and the anti-Bush commentator. Honest to crap. Even a Phillie wouldn't bungle it that badly.

The post is titled "Cry little racists. Cry your white-hot tears of hate." Malkin is someone "who knows something about being gawky, awkward, and emotionally stunted" and Jessica and her honest question is assigned to the class of "13-year-old drama queens who have just been told they can't go to the mall...."

Way to go, dumbass. But, ho boy, what excellent snark!