Thursday, August 16, 2007

When Henry Met Jenna

[Posted by reader_iam]

Shallow alert: This is a completely trivial post.

Isn't it too perfect that a Jenna's gonna marry a Henry? (Especially when it's that Jenna.) The names, people, the names!!! Say 'em aloud: Jenna. Henry. Henry. Jenna. Jenna 'nd Henry. Henry 'n' Jenny. Lord, it's perfect. "Copacetic," even, in a certain twee way. It's the '80s, all grown up and ready to propagate!

And with a fine nod to times past: Please, please please tell me they'll end up with a summer cottage (but not a permanent home, mind you) affectionately nicknamed within the family as Howard's End. Or something like that.

Oh, of course I wish them well. And I think it's cynical nonsense to say that the timing of their marriage will have mostly to do with casting a theatrical scrim of sentiment over the waning days of the G W Bush presidency.

Still ... those names. Those names!

Anyone want to start a pool on likely names for the offspring?


P.S. I love weddings, of all types. I look forward to another (rare) one at the White House. I'm old enough, even, to remember in one/some way/ways and/or another all those that have taken place there within my lifetime.

Go, Jenna and Henry, go!!!

Update: Really, it absolutely MUST, MUST be Henry and Jenna, and not the reverse (better yet, the "and" in that construction should, at strategic times, be 'n'). I won't edit my last line, but I implore you to read it as if I had. Falling trippingly on the ear is of importance in certain contexts; one ordering of the names of this couple does that, and the other doesn't.

Only sayin'.

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