Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Images (Wilsonian Interlude)

Now tonight on the AP photo wire comes this image:

A U.S. soldier holds a dying child, its body torn by a "freedom fighter's" suicide car bomb in Mosul.

And some of our high-minded "anti-war" moralists have been pronouncing the killers of this child "the legitimate manifestation of a national liberation movement," acting in accord with the "ideals that are revered in the Declaration of Independence."

They say the insurgency must win. They say the Americans must lose. These progressives have thrown their favors to the champion they say represents the best hope for the world's future.

Their hero is not this anguished soldier, who, they say, should be defeated and killed if necessary. Nor does the child, the martyred innocent, represent their hopes.

The champions they admire are the soul-less thugs who slithered into Iraq, loaded a car with old artillery shells and drove it into a populated area and set it off to splatter bodies and kill mothers and babies.

And I wonder, where are the artists to scrawl the word "shame" over the face of such "progressives," as they once did over the murderers of the "Lusitania" or the ravishers of Belgium?