Thursday, September 01, 2005

Eternal Chickenhawk

It's here to stay. All the excellent retorts and responses to it rolled in one ear and out the other. The Chickenhawk Meme will be part of the liberal-left political shriek for the rest of our political lives. It will confirm them as a permanent minoritarian faction that never wants to be taken seriously as potential leaders of the world's policeman-by-default.

It's so mainstream that even The Washington Post lobs it gratuitously into an article about conservatives (an article which, it should be noted, fairly drips with sneer and condescention -- "they can tell jokes, too! Who knew?").

Kristol's zeal for battle is truly inspiring. In fact, it inspired me to think: Maybe he should join the fight. He could emulate Theodore Roosevelt, who proved his zeal for the Spanish-American War by quitting his cushy desk job and organizing his own regiment to fight in Cuba. It was called the Rough Riders. Kristol's regiment could include other war-hawk opinion slingers in the Murdoch empire, guys like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. He could call it the Tough Talkers.

But enough of that. We're not here to discuss Iraq.