Friday, November 04, 2005


This is new,, but it could have been written, with slight variation in phrasing, in any war since the Revolution.

... I kept telling the reporter that really the troops on ground don’t give a flying leap about what the hell the senate is doing. In war, you are there to survive and you care for you brothers in arms. I said to her at one point that no soldier is going to run to the head shrink and cry because the senate can’t make up their mind about the war. Or even if they doubt the war, it doesn’t really affect the outcome of what we (soldiers) do on ground. The senate should focus on giving our military a higher pay raise then the measly 3% hike. They should ensure we have better equipment, no soldier should ever have to buy his/her stuff.

It mirrors so many of the Civil War letters I've read, North and South. It contains an essential truth about people at war, which civilians are forever forgetting.