Friday, April 28, 2006

Attack In Cyberspace

Denial of service brings down several Hosting Matters sites.

To be honest, while I'm familiar with all of the sites on this list, there are only a few that I visit with regularity and true frequency. I also wouldn't choose some of the language that Michelle Malkin uses to describe the situation (which is partly why I don't visit some of these sites more often).

HOWEVER, I absolutely agree that attacks such as these are outrageous; they threaten both the health of free expression and the 'net; and in general I have an absolute burr up my you-know-what about hackers, their 'tudes, and what I perceive as less than rigorous efforts to nab and punish them. (Give me some credit: Yes, I KNOW there are some categories of "good"hackers, but that list is very limited, in my book.)

So I post this in solidarity and in the spirit of "... defend your right to the death ... ," as I would for any group of bloggers under similar attack, if I know about it.

Hat tip