Thursday, April 27, 2006

What Fool Whipped This One Up?

I'm glad this business got slapped with a lawsuit and I hope it gets beaten in court.

It's true that I'm skeptical about many, many lawsuits that get filed. The $1.2 million sought certainly seems excessive. And sure, in the relative scheme of things, this story is trivial, but it caught my eye because I've attended quite a few team-building events in my time and have even been involved in developing a number of them. Who with a functioning brain could think that the activities outlined in this article are a good idea? Based on my experience as to how sponsored events tend to reflect general corporate values, it's hard not to speculate that this company might have tendencies toward tolerating the inappropriate more generally.

Sometimes stupidity should be, if not illegal, than actionable.

Let's hope the jury administers these jokers a good whack.