Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Fun: Find That Meaning

Every now and again, when I run across some example of particularly, um, arresting prose, I toy with the idea of starting a regular blog feature inviting people to provide their own translations.

Today, this flopped into my e-mail inbox, as part of a reminder invitation to a reception this evening:

Situated between the concrete and ideal, the works in this exhibition are connected by the thread that runs from their strong conceptual cornerstones to their conclusion as engrossing works of consciousness and perception. Formally stunning and conceptually sophisticated, these works reside in the seductive terrain that exists between objects and the ideas from which they have been birthed.

What the heck are they talking about? The "seductive terrain" part is sort of titillating, in an intellectually masturbatory way, but frankly, I can't tell what I'm being wooed for. As a further tease, there's not one word in the e-mail, most of which is included here, to indicate what's being exhibited or even the media.

Well, I've talked my husband into going with me, just to see what could possibly inspire such lushly hollow writing. Any guesses as to what we'll see?