Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm A Lefty, This I Know

For this bloglink tells me so!

As is this blog, since the link was designated by blog name, due to this post of mine.

Callimachus, see what happens when you lie down with dogs? Only three weeks here, and I've infested you.

News flash: Neither the lefties (a term I don't generally use) nor the righties (another term I don't generally employ) would have me, as such. At least those who truck in those off-the-cuff classifications, without knowing me--which of course is impossible and, more important, irrelevant in this context--or, more broadly and accessibly, reading my posts, either elsewhere or on this blog, where I'm a mere guest-blogger. Though with extended-stay privileges. At least for now. LOL.

In truth, Cal himself is what used to be known as a classical liberal, with which classification I'm pretty sure he would agree. So am I, though of a rather later definition, I suspect. Both of us--and this is purely my own judgment here--combine rather strong libertarian streaks of more than one flavor in our own ways into that general (quaint?) label.

I would have posted this much earlier, when I first discovered this link. But after chuckling to myself, my first imperative was to call a close friend of mine, a committed and inveterate blog-reader across the spectrum and a sometimes commenter on my old blog (hiya, redredwine!). And, as she would be the first to say, a "lefty." At least, far more than I. (Personally, I think we inhabit the roomy space surrounding the left and right of the middle of the bell curve measuring such things. But she's essentially right. Meaning, left.)

Frankly, we laughed our asses off over this. And not because she has some actual insight into my inner right, left and melange, though she does, but rather because "takes from lefties" was just so freakin', knee-jerk bizarre.

I had a truly excellent time with this one. I hope you do, too.

Don't take life so seriously. You're not getting out of it alive.

Update: Did I forget to mention that in response to this link and my writing this post, I listened to I See Thru You by Psychodots, from "Blotter"?

Among other things.