Friday, May 05, 2006

At the Movies

So has anyone in my newsroom been to see "United 93"? You've got to be kidding. The people who lined up two and three times for "Fahrenheit 9/11" are made visibly uncomfortable by this film. They seem to just wish it would go away.

Actually, one person has seen it -- the new guy. Poor new guy. He hasn't picked up the culture yet. He thinks it was powerful. People have no response except to change the subject.

It's funny: the anti-Bush diatribes have been going non-stop since "United 93" came out. It's now almost non-stop, at one corner of the room or another, for one or two people to be holding forth about Dear Leader the Chimperor. Everything gets dragged up and recycled. I even heard "Jeff Gannon" rehearsed again, in detail.

I used to think it was my imagination, but this time I predicted it. Every time some accumulation of events in the real world rises so high it threatens to overwhelm the notion that there's really nothing wrong with the world except Americans, and that the only thing we have to fear is Bush and Cheney, the media pod people start to chant their mantras and wave their talismanic totems.

Like savages panicked by an eclipse, they bang the pots till it goes away.

Then they do their best to forget it ever happened. A known and predictable universe is worth any price.

And while we're caught up in filmmaking that brings us face to face with jarring reality, keep your eyes out for The War Tapes.

This movie is the tip of the iceberg. It is my hope that people will start to really see that War is not a video game and soldiers are not little Republican or Democrat robots running around without an original thought. It smells, it hurts, and it sucks! We went through a lot and all came home alive. Thank God!

Greyhawk sez: "The feedback on the film I've gotten from military folks who've seen it has been 100% positive."

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