Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Stick, A Stone

I love Jobim.

I'm familiar with, if not all, then it must be darn near all, the versions of the referenced song. (And--darn! though I can't speak, read, or understand the language--I love, love, love the beauty of the sound of Portuguese. Always have. As a kid younger than my son. Always will.)

I've listened this to particular genre of music--and its kin--and so much more--since almost birth. My son has listened since (before?) birth.

Let's do something "light" here, amidst all the tough stuff. What music--and it could be anything----gives you comfort? For sure, for sure, "mine own" comfort is not limited to Jobim, or even any specific genre.

(And here's something that I ponder, personally: I AM "reader I am," but my refuge is music, not words. Son of a gun. What's that about? Feel free to speculate.)


Update: Then there's "Desafinado," that beauty, that beaut (no typo there), that flirt, that truth-teller, that of the lulling music ... and yet ... then there's this ... .