Thursday, June 01, 2006

Glue Problems

Armed Liberal says "the glue that holds us together is starting to crack":

People with political opinions that can't be expressed without neck-vein popping rage aren't totally new to me; it's just that they used to be a small sliver of humanity, usually found on the steps of university buildings, as gadflies in city council meetings, or convening fringe political parties deeply concerned about fluoridation and a return to the gold standard.

Sadly, they're much more common now. I tend to see the Democratic version, because my social circles are composed of urban professionals - the cohort keeping the Democratic Party alive (like the pudgy - but well dressed! - man in the elevator today who talked about "DumbFuckistan. You know, the people between the coasts who fell for Bush's bullshit." - that's a verbatim quote, by the way). I see my share of the other wing on my shooting lists and in other areas of the Right that I visit, places where Hillary is busy wiping the fingerprints off the gun she used to murder Vince Foster.