Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's a Trap!

I'm looking at the current AP News Digest for Friday morning papers. Here's what's competing for ink with the al-Zarqawi story. It's perfectly obvious, as many of anti bloggers darkly hint, that this is all a publicity stunt by Shrubbie in his continual bid to sheepify the American people via the corporate media and piss out the brave candles of dissent.

Boldface for my speaking truth to power:

Friday AMs


— Iraq's most feared terror leader killed in U.S. strike
— Al-Qaida deputy unwittingly led U.S. to al-Zarqawi hideout
— Analysis: No celebration at White House; tough times ahead
— Vaccine approved to protect against cervical cancer [Dubya steals headlines to distract from the news that perhaps some stem cells were used in this breakthrough!]
— Indonesian volcano spews hot gas clouds, 15,000 villagers flee [Dubya diverts world attention from natural catastrophe no doubt caused inadvertently by U.S. warmongering military!]
— Texas governor seeks neighborhood watch with border Webcams [Dubya distracts pundits from political failures in the state he once governed!]
— Effort to shrink estate tax fails in Senate [Dubya distracts from his legislative failure by dragging dead terrorist out of freezer!]
— Study: Latino student suicide rates far higher than blacks, whites [Dubya distracts readers from tragic results of his failed immigration policy!]
— Iran leader says country ready for nuclear talks [Dubya makes sure violent solutions to Middle East problems get top billing!]
— Death on the horse racing track: About two animals a day [The story Dubya doesn't want you to read: Cruelty in America: twice as many innocent animals killed as guilty terrorists]

No, he couldn't be more obvious, could he?