Monday, June 12, 2006

Nebraska Quartered

OK, I'm pretty good at Americana, but I confess I'm completely stumped by the new Nebraska quarter.

What the hell is that? It's twice as silly as Wisconsin's homage to Forward the Cow, or New Hampshire's imagery of the State Pile of Rocks that Fell Down.

I hereby proclaim the First Occasional "Done With Mirrors" Contest of the Day: Make your best guess as to what's on the Nebraska quarter. People who actually know the answer, of course, are disqualified.

My guess is it's the Statue of Liberty from the final scene of "Planet of the Apes," and a Sputnik. But why a Sputnik?

In the quest for answers, I stumbled upon some of the rejected designs, which are far, far better than the chosen one.

I liked the smug grouse, which I guess is a state bird. I also liked giant head of smoking guy who needs a shave. What an interesting state!

But I got a creepy feeling from this one, which brought back bad memories of Bud Dwyer, and from Help, mommy, the mean moon ate my corn.

Did you know Nebraska had a state fish? Hell, I didn't know it had open water, but that's me. Apparently the state fish is a whiskered phallus. Which explains the "coming out" reference, I guess.