Monday, June 12, 2006

I Find This Unsurprising

John Edwards tops a Des Moines Register poll of potential Democratic candidates.

However, 18 months is well-nigh an eternity in politics, so there's a long way to go before the Iowa caucuses.

One thing seems very clear, as the column points out: Tom Vilsack's poor showing in his own state, after two terms as governor, is a bucket of cold water on his personal ambitions. He's a nice man, and I can tell you that in person he speaks very sincerely and passionately about education and children, especially early childhood. (As an aside, he's also a good sport: I have pictures of him patiently trying to answer geography questions, among other ones, from my son--who's not one to be sloughed off with facile answers, believe you me--at a non-campaign event last year.)

But does he have the personality and charisma to stage a national race, even before you get to weighing the issues? Color me skeptical. Sort of sad, that.