Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Sorry for that accidental fragment of a post about hybrid hamburgers if anyone saw it in the--very brief--time it was there. For anyone who did, you'll note that the date was July 3. In preparation for our trip, I was throwing something into dashboard to remind me of a link on which to work along the long-long-drive way this weekend.

No deeper meaning in this case--just a jerk of the finger over the trackpad right (from Save as Draft) to Publish.

Don't ya hate when that happens? But it's probably a good cautionary signal for me: What ELSE have you misplaced? What do you think you've put in the "don't forget to pack" pile that you've forgotten? What have you put there that should probably be in the "must do" before leaving stack?

In what other ways are you (have you been?--scarier) so dashedly distracted???

Why was this easier not so very long ago?