Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tempted Not

Snakes Alive! A Bride!

The guests are assembled, mini-bottles of bubbles in hand, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in a local garden-park. The groom and judge are waiting, along with the attendants, who have already walked 'round the fountain that forms the backdrop for the ceremony.

The bride and her father are poised to walk down the straightaway path, when ...

An oblivious passerby cuts off the path, before taking in the scene and beating a quick retreat, 6-foot-5-inch boa constrictor in hand.

I have been to scores upon scores of weddings, witnessing much that was weird, wild, whimsical and wonderful. This, however, stands alone in richness of cosmic humor and only-in-fiction irony.

The radiant bride didn't miss a beat, and the ceremony was a fine thing.

There was even time afterward to search out the snake-handler and make personal acquaintance with the charming tetrapod, before proceeding to the reception.

(Which featured a kick-ass R&B band, by the way: haven't danced like that in ages--and it turns out that my son appears to be taking after me in that respect. Score one for the maternal gene pool!)