Monday, July 24, 2006

C'mon Baby, Light My Fire

Ho, hum. Could the ideas and mood expressed in this article
and this one about the DLC convention possibly scream "lackluster" more? Talk about precisely demonstrating one of the major criticisms of the status quo Democratic Party!

Based on the following quotes alone (two from the first link, three from the second) ...

"I think it's important for our party, specifically as we enter the fall elections, for candidates at every level to have innovative and creative ideas," [Iow Governor Tom] Vilsack said in an interview before arriving in Denver.

""Is there a way in which we can provide health care coverage during those transitional periods when people are learning new trades and learning new skills? That's something," [Vilsack] said.

"I would like to be identified as a leader who makes sure Americans understand the challenges that we face and that Democrats have the answer," Vilsack, chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, said in an interview.

"If people don't first trust us with their lives, they are not going to trust us with anything else," [Indiana Sen. Evan] Bayh said in an interview.

"Part of what we've tried to do is be in a position to drive the debate," said [DLC ounder and chief executive officer Al] From, who is an adviser to Vilsack and was instrumental in Clinton's 1992 campaign.

... I'd sooner watch paint dry. And I'm one of those people who actually like reading about wonky policy proposals and listening to people talk about them.

Part of it may be the tone set by Vilsack, a smart and very nice man who's one of the handful of politicians I've run across in IRL who, in person, appears to look at everyday people with actual sincere interest. Unfortunately, even regrettably, that's no substitute, in national politics, for that je ne sais quois which can kickstart the juices flowing in body politic, much less appeal to the already slavering activist camp.

"Drive the debate"? Um, how about starting by saying something interesting?

And--please!--with just a teensy bit of passion, maybe?

Update: Dumb mistake corrected. Merde!