Thursday, July 27, 2006

Once A User, Always A User

First rule of addiction: All active addicts, by definition and out of necessity, are liars.

Second rule of addiction: Active addicts will do anything and use anyone to get a fix.

Drugs aren't the only things to which people get addicted. The same rules apply, though, whatever they're seeking as a means to a rush.

The reason addiction is hard to beat isn't, ultimately, the nature of what one is addicted to, but the nature of the hardest habits to break of all: self-deception and denial, arguably the most toxic elements on the face of the earth.

Hat tip for the Volokh post, which led to Lauria's piece; I've been following Leopold's crash-and-burn trajectory for a while, but Lauria's story of his experience, which I'd missed, is truly alarming.